Finance My Software has over 100 software engineers, and another professionals. Including over 25 Social Media Experts in our offices. We keep departments up-to date on Client Feedback. Allowing Customer Success to sit next to tech leads, which sits next to our senior developers who sit next to juniors. Allowing a precise deployment from the clients guidance. Everyone works together to deliver the most innovative and effective results for our clients. We're proud to be techies, innovating the way businesses develop applications in the cloud.

Meet our directors of success and growth

Hunter Maxwell

Meet Hunter, our Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder. With a decade of experience, Hunter has developed a highly propriety development operations strategy. That leaves leaders with a guaranteed mode of execution. While Understanding Technical Business Needs and coding himself. Hunter has also done well at marketing and scaling applications. Hunter also loves to play chess to enhance his mind for strategic thought even more. His immense love of volunteering in Haiti is just for the smiles.

Dinesh Lamshal

Dinesh is one of our Co-Founders and Chief Operating Officer. Dinesh is a dedicated hard working leader. He practices what others teach and lives life by example. As a Nepal native, Dinesh has built a nationally recognized team of loyal and honest employees. Dinesh loves to make his wife smile in his share time.