Get to know us.

A passionate group of disruptive entrepreneurs founded from years of Client Feedback and love for highly reliable Software Development. Like you, we have launched startups and scaled companies. We have experienced the pain, the risk, and the uncertainty you feel trying to find the perfect developer for your unique application. Therefore, we designed the best-in-class solution for deploying internal and external software safely and risk-free. We crafted a proprietary DevOps procedure that enables transparency, accountability, and 100% Client Satisfaction.


We aim to transform DevOps through our seamless process. By empowering startups and Midmarket companies to deploy custom-built software solutions by offering them a highly reliable, disaster-proof, cashflow-friendly, risk-free method to outsource their software development needs.

We have over 45 developers and have been pioneering Defi, Crypto payments, and enterprise consumer finance applications for years before launching our Firm. We now want to provide complete web service to Small and Midsize companies to give them the power to deploy digital assets at a cost-effective scale.

Some of the applications we have built have seen seed funding in the ten million-plus range. We have collaborated with companies like Facebook, Google, and Adobe. We are active in both the technology industry and the technology ecosystem.